Zhejiang Meida Industrial Co.,ltd , founded in 2001 , has been a public listed company at Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 25th ,May ,2015 (Stock Code : 002677) . Oriented by S&T and market , Meida invented integrated ranges , developed an industry by the invention of a product . 

Zhejiang Meida is a high-tech enterprise , products have been included into National Torch Program ;  is the major drafting unit of national standard of household gas stove allowable value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade , industrial standard of housing kitchen & restroom air vent , as well as the major drafting unit of industrial standard of integrated ranges , is a modern high-tech company engaged in the research, production, management and sales, is a professional manufacturer of integrated ranges  ,with a strong R&D and large-scale production capacity . 

Meida masters the core technology , so far , has obtained 100 plus patents , including 19 national invention patents , 9 international PCT patents .

Meida integrated ranges adopt the technology of downward-exhausting cooking fumes and integrated design ,integrating range hoods ,stoves, sterilization , storage ,electrical ovens , electrical steamers etc several functions into one machine ,turning what “goes up” into what “goes down “ , minimizes the suction and exhaust distance , effectively solving air pollution in the kitchen ,creating a healthy home .

Meida initiated the concept of Health & Integrated kitchens ,successively developing Meida Dingchu cabinets , Meida integrated sinks ,Meida water purifiers and in-bulit kitchen appliances , perfectly combined with Meida integrated ranges , to let health and environmental protection science and technology appear in every corner of the kitchen,  to comprehensive build Meida open-style health & integrated kitchens 

Meida changed the pattern of homogenization development of traditional kitchen electrical appliances industry by integrated ranges ,  , it is bound to activate the traditional kitchen industry by Meida health & integrate kitchen , to achieve a new leap in the kitchen industry. Meida will continue to focus on R&D of health and environmental protection technology, to bring the health and integrate kitchen to tens of millions of families . Meida brings customers a more beautiful home .

Meida`s dream

Every one has a china dream in heart.
our dream is
Let every one,every family enjoy health & environmental protection life.
At present, health & environmental protection is the challenge of human being.
Creating low-carbon, health and environmental protection living environment,
Is our mission.
We are working hard to realize it.